About Us

About Us

Through the Office of Child Care's Child Care Technical Assistance Network (CCTAN) and federal leadership, the OCC provides training and technical assistance to states, territories, tribes and local communities. This involves assessing Child Care and Development Fund grantees' needs, identifying innovations in child care administration, and promoting the dissemination and replication of solutions to the challenges that grantees and local child care programs face. Our technical assistance helps states, territories, tribes and local communities build integrated child care systems that enable parents to work and promote the health and development of children.

Spotlight on TA

FY14, Q1 Highlights
  • 4 states (CO, IN, NE, and OR) received Intensive TA on System Planning and Implementation and Financial Incentives.
  • 5 states (CA, IL, IN, SC, and TX) received Targeted TA including resources such as a demo of the Cost Estimation Model and the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator tools, participation in a state QRIS workgroup, and an on-site strategic planning meeting.
  • OCC announced the release of a web-based National Program Standards Crosswalk tool. Over 350 visitors to the site created an account to use the tool during the first month.
  • 5 states (CA, OR, SD, VA, and WV) received Intensive TA on PD Capacity, Workforce Data, Core Knowledge and Competencies, and Creating and Improving Implementation Strategies.
  • 4 states (MI, MT, RI, and WA) received Targeted TA including peer-to-peer calls and meetings on State TA systems and training approval standards and systems, feedback on draft core knowledge and competencies, and State PD system plans.
  • Developed the brief State Success Story: California Workforce Data Systems and posted it as a featured resource on the CCTAN website, and developed and delivered an Early Head Start National Resource Center and PDW Center joint presentation on Child Care and Early Head Start partnerships at the Birth to Three National Training Institute.
Health & Safety
  • 2 states (MA and OH) received Intensive TA on Monitoring and Enforcement and Health & Safety Standards.
  • 1 state (UT) received Targeted TA including written resources on health & safety standards.
Program Integrity
  • 7 states (AL, CO, DE, GA, ND, TX, and WA) received Intensive TA on Error Rate Review and Reduction.
  • 4 states/territories (IA, NM, PR, and SD) received Targeted TA including clarification on various error rate methodologies.
  • Developed and distributed 2 written resources to support TA, including the FY 2012 and 2013 error rate review Program Integrity Fact Sheets.These briefs include information on the national error rate, causes for improper authorization errors, and States’ strategies to reduce errors.
Subsidy Innovations
  • 3 states (DE, FL, and LA) received Targeted TA including written responses related to wait lists and lump sum payments.
Federal Reporting
  • 1 Territory (PR) received Intensive TA on Required Reporting.
  • Technical Bulletins #2r-v2: Issues Related to Data Collection and Analysis; #5r-v2: ACF-801 Case-Level Data Submission Guidelines, #8r-v3: ACF-801 Clarifications, and #12r: ACF-700 Clarifications.
  • 6 states (AZ, OR, NV, SC, UT, and WA) received Intensive TA on Creating and Implementing Improvement Strategies, Emergency Preparedness, Financing Strategically, Governance, and Leadership.
  • 2 states (IN, and HI) received Targeted TA including written resources on emergency preparedness and response and support on leadership development.

The Office of Child Care's Technical Assistance Network (CCTAN) is comprised of:

Child Care Aware
Health and Safety